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Employer Illegally Seized Former Employee’s LinkedIn Account, But Employee Suffered No Provable Damages

Co-authored by Mathew D. Dudek.

Social media has changed the way that companies and employees connect to clients and customers. As new uses for social networking emerge, legal issues in this area are arising.

In Eagle v. Morgan, et al., the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania was faced with one such issue: whether an employer could seize a former employee’s LinkedIn page and keep the page in operation following the employee’s termination. In that case, Linda Eagle, an executive with Edcomm Inc., had created a LinkedIn account using her work e-mail address as … Continue Reading

Missouri Supreme Court Affirms Tortious Interference Verdict Against Manager Who Went To A Competitor

In Western Blue Print Company, LLC v. Myrna Roberts et al., the Missouri Supreme Court recently affirmed a tortious interference verdict against a manager who left to join a competitor, largely because the manager engaged in inappropriate conduct when departing one employer for another.

Tortious interference claims are commonly raised in disputes with former employees who leave to join a competitor. However, actual determinations of the merits of such claims are not common, and state supreme court parsings of such claims are even less common. Accordingly, this decision is worth reviewing.

As set forth in the opinion, Western Blue … Continue Reading